Looking after mumma-bear can be the most important thing you ever do for your family!

We mothers are all too ready to do whatever it takes to have our children’s lives and health be in the best possible place and in the process, forget ourselves and our own needs.

There are more demands on mothers today than there ever has been. The woman’s movement in the 60’s I have often laughed with my friends; “its awesome that we gain the place that we have today in the work force, but look at how much we are really doing!” Running a household, keeping all the family and events together, cooking, trying to stay on top of what’s healthy, doing our bit to support the schools we send our kids to, keeping up with the mind boggling number of communication mediums that we are expected to be answerable to! It’s overwhelming!

The mother, one generation ago didn’t have emails, texts, voicemail, FB, Twitter, Instagram and the list goes on… Yes we are so connected! Isn’t it awesome that we can within seconds know what a dear friend that we went to college with in NY is having for brekky. But this is so much to keep up with!

What about mumma-bear. Who’s looking after her? She is pouring all this love into everyone else. As the carer, it’s so easy to go through burn out, believe me, I know, I have been there! Nurturing oneself is so essential, and it’s slightly different for everyone as to what that missing ingredient is. Though mum is the loving glue that holds the family together. If she’s not well nourished in all aspects of her life then the whole family is ultimately affected.

A great place to start is with eating well, that is, with whole foods. Foods that are not processed, lots of vegetables, high quality protein and oils, fruit and whole grains. This has become more difficulty for mothers to navigate because of all the mixed messages that are in the media from advertising and marketing. But its not complicated, it’s really about getting back to basics. Our body know what is good for it. Our body knows intuitively how to heal itself. We just need to get the whole food in, and there are lots of fun ways to do that!

This is called crowding out, or crowding in, depending on how you want to look at it. But the idea is, you eat so many yummy whole foods, that the craving for processed food drops away. It is all too easy when you are sleep deprived or too stressed, to reach for unhealthy foods.  As Christina Grof puts it in her book, The Thirst For Wholeness; “filling a God shaped whole with God knows what”.  These stressed times in our lives are the times when we need to nurture ourselves more than ever. Finding our soul food is key. More groundedness, whether it be having a few moments in the sun, pausing and taking a few deep breaths, going for a walk, appreciating nature, honouring the present moment, meditating, being kind to yourselves and asking the internal critic to please leave the room!

Simone Kopkas lives and works in Castlecrag, Sydney as a Nutrition and Holistic Counsellor specializing in digestive issues and Cancer.


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