Recipe: Activating Nuts


Nuts and seeds are packed with protein and essential oils [including omega-3’s], antioxidants and minerals, that make a perfect protein snack. And many varieties of nuts like almonds, brazil nuts and hazelnuts are particularly anti-inflammatory.

The best way to have them is ‘activated’ which simply means they are soaked in salty water and then dried. The reason is to remove the phytic acid. Phytic acid makes them difficult to digest and makes it hard for you to absorb their great nutritional benefits. This phytic acid puts a big strain on our digestion.

Nature put the phytic acid there to keep the nuts from sprouting prematurely.


  1. Measure 4 cups of any nuts [almonds, brazil nuts, pecans, walnuts, hazelnuts, macadamias and *cashews.
  2. Dissolve 4 Tbsp Sea Salt in Water-enough to sufficiently cover the nuts-and add your nut of choice. They will expand over the next few hours, so allow for that. Cover with a lid and sit on kitchen counter for about 9 hours. *Cashews are the only exception and they should only be soaked for about 4 hours or they become too soft and crumbly. (Sunflower seeds and Pepitas [pumpkin seeds] need 2 Tbls salt per/ 4 cups seeds and about 9 hours soaking time).
  3. When the nuts are finished being soaked, rinse well in a strainer to remove any extra phytic acid and then lay on a baking tray and either put in a dehydrator or in the over at 45’C or less. Or as low as your oven goes in temperature. If the temperature is higher than 45’C the natural enzymes in the nuts will not survive the heat, but they are still a much more superior nut nutritionally than a non-activated nut.
  4. While they are still a bit moist you can toss them in cinnamon or cacoa and a dash of stevia and sea salt, because what ever salt you put with them prior to soaking has mostly been washed away now. Or if you like spicy nuts, you can add some chilli powder and a dash of stevia. Or add tamari.
  5. Dehydrate for 12-24 hours until dry and crisp, turning them once or twice in that time.
  6. Once they are completely cooled, store them in airtight containers in your fridge or freezer.

I always make sure I have a jar on the kitchen counter for the whole family as a grab and go snack. If it is in sight, that’s what everyone goes for.


Recipe created by Simone Kopkas

Nutrition Counsellor, Holistic Chef & Reiki Master Teacher   Mob: 0400 987777

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