All my life I have been mad about food and alternative health. That doesn’t mean I was free of all health complaints, it’s been an interesting journey.

Struggling with digestion is exhausting and confusing. I remember when I first finally figured out that I couldn’t digest dairy. The discovery was mind blowing. I thought, really, is this what it feels like for people without digestive issues?! I had been so used to the gurgling and bloating whenever I ate that I just thought that was normal for everyone.

There are so many varied impacts that poor digestion can have on your overall health. These can come about from so many different angels: antibiotics, surgery, cancer treatment, allergies and intolerances.

85% of our immunity comes from our gut. If we don’t look after the integrity of our gut, it won’t look after us. The gut impacts the entire body; all disease begins in the gut.

You could eat the best food and vitamins in the world, but if you can’t digest them properly, they’re just going straight through you without the benefits.

When I work with you, together we can explore concerns specific to you, your digestion and body. Helping you discover the tools you need for a lifetime of balance and vitality.

This we achieve by:

  • exploring new foods and fun recipes;
  • improving your eating habits;
  • repairing and increasing digestion;
  • understanding and reducing cravings;
  • increasing energy;
  • lifting brain fog and giving clarity to the mind, strengthening brain function and memory;
  • feeling better in your body through understanding the body better.

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