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Belinda-TRC-Portrait-web-1024x576Belinda Smith – founder of The Root Cause. Simone is a walking talking example of how clean eating and living can take you from serious sickness to vibrant health. She glows inside and out. Simone’s knowledge of digestive health and how it affects all aspects of your physical and mental wellbeing is beyond compare. She is approachable, down to earth, practical and extremely professional. Her words and recipes nourish your body and soul. Simone is my inspiration for wellness.


gracieGracie Giuliano is childhood teacher specialising in learning issues. I began working with Simone a couple of years ago when I was having dreadful issues with my digestion and candid. Simone was such a ray of light. My digestion was really problematic and it was such a relief to be able to get to the core of what was going on for me. What I hadn’t realised was there were so many other areas of my health and well being that Simone was also able to help me balance. She is the real deal, so authentic and genuine, like talking to a best friend. She is very knowledgeable about nutrition, but also because she is a Reiki healer, it has been lovely to have Reiki sessions at the end of our consultations. I always walk away feeling rebalanced and clear about where I am in my personal growth. If you want to refind yourself and feel healthy and good inside again, Simone is definitely the person to see.


Karen West
Kathryn West is a fitness and health coach from Move More Personal Training. I have worked with Simone over the past 12 months. I found her to be one of the most empathic people I have met, she is very easy to talk to and a great listener. Her story is inspiring and has made her understand the path to wellness better than most. Having dealt with serious health issues Simone knows the challenges herself, so makes the ideal guide in helping people improve their lives. She has developed an extensive knowledge in the elements necessary for a truly healthy, vibrant life. Her knowledge of gut health is amazing. I have gained immensely from our association and would highly recommend her if you want to make positive change happen.


Melinda Zanello is a Digital Business Consultant and Founder of My Invisible Life. For the first time in my life I understand what I am putting in my body and my families body. I understand the value of not cooking with Olive Oil for example and substituting for things like Coconut il.  I understand how certain bodies work ‘with’ dairy products and how some don’t and I know where this originated from. Put simply, it make sense and this makes me want to keep learning. I am very grateful we’ve met Simone.

Fiona GentleFiona Gentle is a Writer and Director based in Sydney. Simone has transformed the way I view health. Her own empowering and inspiring journey through Cancer has propelled me to re-evaluate my understanding of how connected our health is to our quality of life and pivotal to our emotional/mental health. I was 40 weeks pregnant when I met Simone. Being a hard-won, IVF pregnancy, and destined to be my only one, it was really important to me to aim for a wonderful birthing experience. Sadly, most people were intent on sharing their ‘horror labour stories’ and telling me I was being idealistic or even unrealistic! Simone was the first person I met who bubbled with enthusiasm and encouragement about my vision. She not only gave me permission to hope for this, but also gave me the language to use to deflect negative comments. The birth was everything I had hoped for and since then, Simone has been an endless support on both an emotional and physical level, helping me nutritionally, counselling and advising, nurturing and supporting our family. As I head towards menopause, I continually seek advice from Simone, who will always give her time and deep care, as to how to meet my individual needs and circumstances. 



The majority of Health Wholistically’s business is referral. This is simply because having your life positively impacted through the right advice, direction, education and support is worth talking about. Sharing your good fortune and experiences with the world makes you feel fantastic.

If someone you know would like a complimentary consultation with me, it would be my pleasure to meet them and to help give them direction. There is no pressure to commit to a program and everything we do is tailored to your needs and lifestyle wants.

We operate with love.

Sim x

Contact me today to schedule your complimentary initial consultation.

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