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As we discover during a weekend of winter-warming magic, good food is good food —at  the height of hearty winter wholefood cooking we discovered a common thread: highly nutritious, extremely delicious dishes made with love and care.


I drop into Michele Chevalley Hedge and Simone Kopkas’ winter warmers cooking class. I’m welcomed with a homemade spiced chai and we chat in front of an open fire. The class of 12 eager foodies is casual and intimate. Michele, a nutritional medicine practitioner, and her colleague Simone Kopkas, a wholefood chef and food coach, know what they’re talking about. The depth of knowledge shared and the wisdom I pick up in three short hours is inspiring.

A big believer in efficiency, Michele shares with us her “cook once, eat twice” philosophy and tells us to “keep it simple, keep it easy, keep it clean”.

As Michele speaks, Simone demonstrates the dishes. We learn how
to make probiotic yoghurt plus why it’s important to keep our gut flora happy; why we should activate nuts and how to make ghee. Then we sample a roasted pumpkin and root vegetable soup, coriander fish and a protein-dense, dairy-free chocolate banana cake. All three are simple to create and packed with flavour and nutrients.

What I find most fascinating is Simone’s bone broth recipe, which includes used onion skins and leftover eggshells! Bone broth, I learn, is one of the best ways to build strong bones and teeth thanks to its high amounts of calcium and magnesium. Simone says eggshells are exceptionally high in calcium, too, and onion skins are full of anti-inflammatory properties. It makes perfect sense to throw them in.

Michele and Simone show how warm, cooked foods can be simple and nourishing. Both food philosophies are equally valid — you just have to figure out what works for you.

The writer, Kate Duncan, A Healthy View cooking class.        |


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