I’ve heard myself several times recently saying that as a child I grew up working in my fathers’ commercial kitchen and working through my teenage years as a chef on weekends. Then I headed off to New York when I was offered a scholarship at 19 to The School of Visual Arts. Cooking was always there in the background, and now I find myself reflecting on how much those early years of cooking have built me a great relationship with food. I love cooking up a storm.

I have always loved food and alternative medicine. They have always been the centre of my world.  And I especially love it when the food comes together in a fun, beautiful way that brings the whole family together. I thoroughly enjoy the experimentation process of packing as much nutrition possible into a meal, yet still having it taste amazing, my kids and their friends are the real test. If you can get kids to love your food, you are home free.

Cooking feeds your body, mind, and soul. Cooking allows you to know exactly what food you are putting into your body, and equally important, to connect with your family and friends over a home cooked meal, and save the money you might otherwise spend in restaurants or on processed, pre-packaged foods.

Believe it or not, making simple and satisfying meals from scratch isn’t hard with my uncomplicated recipes. Here are some of my favourite easy, healthy recipes. You’ll find that eating well can also be delicious!

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